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About Us

After successfully graduating as a business economist in 1990, Rolf Stocker gathered more than 30 years of experience in the fields of human resources and corporate health management.

He has held various management positions in medium-sized and large companies, is a lecturer at the KV Luzern Vocational Academy and taught at the Vocational Training Centre for Nature and Nutrition in Sursee/LU.

A postgraduate degree in human resources management in 1992, coaching training at the Aarau Course Centre, several years of training in logotherapy and existential analysis consulting at the Society for Existential Analysis Switzerland, GES Bern and a CAS in theatre education complete his portfolio.

“A path is created when you walk it. Going your own way often requires a lot of courage and staying power. Ultimately, experiencing that freedom brings meaning and satisfaction. I am happy to be part of this new path.”

Rolf Stocker

Owner / Managing Director


We respect our client's values and beliefs.
We ensure that our service is knowledge-based and practical. Our advice should empower the client to be self-reliant and competent.
We expect to have a good grasp of the problems or issues after the first interview.
These fundamental human characteristics guide us: humans have diverse needs and are flexible and adaptive beings.
We nurture an open and direct dialogue with our clients, and we work together to find suitable working conditions.
Client satisfaction is a high priority for us.


Our clients are diverse, ranging from individuals, privately held and public companies to non-profit organisations and trade associations, among others. No matter your industry sector, geographic location or size category, we have an experienced team who understands your unique HR challenges and goals.


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