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Health Management

Our Philosophy

Our health services are based on Aron Antonovsky's model of Salutogenesis. Here we ask the following three questions:

  1. How do I manage to stay healthy?
  2. What resources are available to me?
  3. How do I deal with stress, so that I can stay healthy?

To answer these we follow the principle Antonovsky calls “a sense of coherence”. This is a feeling of confidence we all feel when:

  • our internal and external experiences are structured, predictable and are able to be explained;
  • we have the resources to face and cope with the demands of these experiences;
  • these demands are challenges which are worthy of investing time in.

Our Services

We advise and support companies and people in issues surrounding occupational health management and personal health concerns.

Our services include:

  • Building and developing holistic health concepts
  • Cost, health and stress analysis (S-Tool, KMU-vital)
  • Resilience and resources management
  • Keynote speeches, workshops

The techniques we use are scientifically based and provide sound information to help improve your business.

Online Check-Up Test

How good is the health management in your business? Take the 3 minute test and answer the questions in the check-up.

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Online Savings Test

With successful management of your current absentee rate, you can keep your personnel costs low. What are the potential savings for your company? Try our online saving test.

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