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Meaning-Centered Coaching

Our Philosophy

Finding and having meaning in your life can help you face almost any professional or personal challenge. Our meaning-centered coaching method is based on the logotherapy teachings founded by the Austrian neurologist and psychologist, Viktor E. Frankl.

He proposed that when people can connect what they do or what is happening to them with their deeper inner values, they can live a self-driven, contented and meaningful life.

With compassion and respect for your situation, we will help you discover the meaning you need to live your life to the full and pursue your career with passion.

Our Services

We advise young people and adults through any professional challenges (e.g. career choice, job search, finding a new direction, changing fixed behaviour patterns) or in stressful life situations, for example in a mid-life crises or in times of conflicts and hardships.

Our problem solving approach is based on your current life's situations and the strenghs and opportunities you have at the moment. We find the answer to the two main questions:

"What can I do right now?" and "What can I do next?"
These help us develop a meaningful, long term solution for you.